Over the last couple of year we are helping companies reach more customers by taking their business online. 

How to Use WhatsApp for Business:

You read it right WhatsApp isn’t just for texting or video calling with your family in a different city. It can be used for business, too. It can help you connect with your customers and support them with instant, personalized customer service.

Many people are using WhatsApp for business because:

  • There are no charges except the data usage charges.
  • It’s reliable, as long as you’re online ( connected to wi-fi or have mobile data) , you can use it to communicate with people all around the world.
  • WhatsApp is available in 180 different countries
  • Its not a texting app, it has voice messages, calls and video calls, as well as sharing photos, videos, documents etc.

Before getting into how to use WhatsApp for business here are some interesting facts

Faasos [CPS] IN

Faasos [CPS] IN

The third most-used social media network worldwide is WhatsApp just behind Facebook and YouTube for popularity.

How to Use WhatsApp for Business

The maximum video & voice calls on WhatApp was made on December 31, 2020. The number being 1.4 billion calls
2.32 million downloads of WhatApp happened in India, the country leading the charts is USA with 3.56 Million downloads. ( Source: Statista)

Now let’s look at how we can use WhatsApp for business

First you need a WhatsApp Business account. If you don’t have one yet, follow these simple step-by-step instructions.  Download the app from Google Play

Accept the terms & conditions

Enter your phone number. Once you have entered your phone number, you will automatically be directed to Business profile page. That looks like this

Update the details like business name, profile picture and your business category.  If you scroll further down, you will get

Catalog – click on manage, it will take you to Catalog Manager ( it looks like this)

  • You can upload upto 500 products or services.
  • Each product or service can include a title, price, description, product code and link to the product on your website.
  • Each product has an image.
  • You can share links from the catalog in WhatsApp conversations.

The catalog helps your customers look at your products/service without having to leave the app.

Watch the video below for more details on how to use catalog on WhatsApp Business

Apart from direct chatting or messaging, WhatsApp Business has various other tools that you can use to elevate communication with customers:

  • Quick RepliesYou can save answers to frequently asked questions as templates and create shortcuts. This will save you time instead of having to type out the answers to repeating questions, additionally customers will get their questions answered faster. Watch this video below by on how You can automatically send greeting messages to customers when they first message you. Use quick replies to create keyboard shortcuts for the messages you send frequently. Set away messages to let your contacts know when you’ve stepped away.  The video below helps you to create away messages..

  • LabelsBy using labels you can organize and categorize users and messages. You can sort messages by urgency and recognize returning customers. You can use the available labels or create new ones by clicking on the + button.

Hope you found this useful, if you need any help in setting up your WhatsApp business account please contact us


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