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Best Words and Phrases for Marketing with Emotion

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Every business owner is on the hunt for those silver bullet campaigns that will turn your organic website traffic, website pages, email newsletters, and other copy into dollar signs. Well, it doesn’t actually work that way. There are some staples, like quality and trust—that have to be woven up through the center of all your content to build that marketing material bridge from consumer to customer. The good news is, your word choice is your first line when building that trust, through your branded content, SEO efforts, online profiles, social media posts, and website and landing page copy, and more.

Words have the ability to inspire action in people—this is what copywriting is all about. But as many words as there are in the dictionary, coming up with natural, powerful, non-repetitive words and phrases that appeal to your audience is a challenge. This guide covers a list of words to give you a starting point in writing quality, trustworthy copy that:

  • Reduces risk
  • Reduces uncertainty
  • Builds trust
  • Invites purchasing
  • Creates urgency
  • Sparks curiosity
  • Connects with your audience
  • Communicates value
  • Conveys authority
  • Infers growth or benefit

Consider this your guide to refer back to when you’re stuck on coming up with copy, whether for an ad, email, landing page, quick blurb, etc. But don’t consider this your end-all. Use it as your launchpad to come up with your own words and phrases that reflect your brand voice and values.

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